Thursday, March 27, 2008

Events of This Week

The big event for this week was Mom's 40th birthday. On Monday night while Mom was at classes, Dad, Mandy, and I went to get her birthday presents. Dad couldn't find her a birdhouse at Home Depot, but Mandy and I found the CD "Raising Sands" that Mom wanted. When we got home, Mom was already there, so we had to hide the CD in my pajama drawer. On Tuesday morning, Dad went early to Wild Birds Unlimited, Mom's bird store, and picked up a bluebird house for her since she's been wanting one. He also delivered a dozen red roses to her at school, and they are sitting in a vase on her desk, adding further color and life to the classroom. After Dad got home, we gave Mom her CD and her birdhouse, then we went to Zaxby's for dinner. We then went to Blockbuster and picked up a few movies. We all watched "Dan in Real Life," a cute movie we all enjoyed, and Mom and Mandy watched "The Mist," which neither of them liked.

This week has also been the week of sickness. On Monday night, Bethany Abraham called and asked if I could watch Kiera the next day while she took Avalyn, who was coughing, to the doctor. On Tuesday morning and early afternoon, I watched Kiera, who is almost two and is such a cutie. On Tuesday night, I had a bit of a sore throat but didn't think about it. On Wednesday, I didn't feel so well, and I have a bit of a cough and a runny nose.

Tuesday, besides being Mom's birthday, also meant two dentist appointments for Dad and me, as both us were getting crowns. Dad got his permanent on, and I got a temporary. It was an agonizing experience. The dentist kept shoving bad-tasting cement in my mouth and told me to "open wider!" No mercy for a small-mouthed person. The numbing effect didn't seem to want to work, as I had to get two shots to feel numb, but the numbness lasted less than an hour after my appointment, so I was not feeling great afterwards. Thankfully, the pain died away in time for dinner at Zaxby's. It is weird to have something new in my mouth and also to chew on the right side and not the left. On April 10th, I go back to get the permanent crown. Oh, and I don't want to forget that next week, over Geneva's spring break, Mandy is getting braces. I'll be sure to get pictures of her mouth.

And, much to my happiness and relief, I found my battery charger for my camera! It was under the hutch, where the stupid cats most likely pushed it under there. But, now I have some pictures of the new beds. Speaking of the beds, we are not the only ones ejoying them. The cats have been loving the new mattresses. Sometimes, at night, I get three cats on my bed and during the day, the cats love sleeping on Mom and Dad's new bed.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Stormy Beginning

Spring has seemed to come in like a roaring lion. Last Friday, we Cunninghams were watching a movie when we saw lightning outside. Surprisingly, there were no storms nearby, except maybe south of us. Dad and Mom then sent us out of the room while they watched "No Country for Old Men." I was listening to the radio in my room when the host suddenly announced that a tornado had just struck the Georgia Dome downtown and had damaged the top while a game was playing. A few hours later, we checked the news and discovered that the CNN building had also been damaged. Apparently, this tornado is one of the few to ever strike inside a major city since most happen on the outskirts. On Saturday, we learned we would get more storms. It was a cloudy day, and we went about our usual errands. Dad and Seth went to Men's Prayer Breakfast, and Seth got his hair cut afterwards. Mom, Mandy, and myself went to clean up the church, and we went to Costco to get supplies for church/school. When we walked out of Costco, we saw huge black clouds a couple miles off. The wind started to pick up, so we quickly loaded up the van and drove home. When we got home, it was sunny but slightly humid. Shortly after we got home, the hail came. At first it was small, about the size of beads inside a Beanie Baby, but then it turned quarter-sized. It lasted for a few minutes before stopping, and the ice melted. With all the stormy weather, we were concerned that we wouldn't be able to go to Houschton to hang out with the rest of the Cunningham clan. However, the storm cleared and the sun came out, so we went. We had a blast hanging out with the clan. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for supper. I would have taken pictures, but my charger is still missing. I'm thinking of buying myself another one since it's been missing for almost a month and I've searched the house all over with no sign of it.

The weather here has definitely been warming up. Our trees in the front yard are starting to bloom. Our white one has the first flowers, and our crabapple is getting leaves. Our grass is nice and green, and the seed Dad planted about a month ago is growing splendidly in the bare spots of the lawn. Today we're supposed to get more rain and storms and Seth was supposed to plant more seed, so let's hope maybe our beautiful lawn will return.

And now for a funny incident. Lately, Mandy and Bethany won't stop yapping on the phone or text-messaging each other. Well, about a week ago, Mandy took a shower and brought the phone with her. She placed it on the sink counter and put it on speakerphone so she could continue chatting with Bethany. Typical Mandy: a socialbug. Two weeks ago, Mom and Seth got new phones. With the new phones came a new phone plan. Dad added the texting service, which is, I believe, paying a couple more dollars for unlimited texting. Ever since then, we've all, except Seth, been using the new application. Even Mom and Dad have been using it.

Spring break was busy for me. On Monday and Tuesday, I babysat Avalyn and Kiera Abraham. On Wednesday, I cleaned the church. On Thursday and Friday, I spent those two whole days finding notes for my English research paper. On Monday I finally finished organizing my notes, but now I have a bad feeling that my research was all in vain. However, we'll just have to wait and see.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's Up

It's been a crazy and busy few weeks since I lasted posted. There's so much to say, and I hope I remember everything.
I think I'll first start with our trip to Ikea two weekends ago. We were going to go on Friday night, but Dad got home later than expected so we decided to go on Saturday. That night, Dad took down the bunkbeds in mine and Mandy's room, so Mandy and I slept on our mattresses on the floor that night. On Saturday, we ran a few errands in the morning and drove Grandpa Mike's truck downtown to Ikea. When we got there, we ate lunch at the cafeteria. Everyone except Dad had chicken fingers and french fries while Dad had Swedish meatballs. After lunch, we began picking up our stuff. Finding comforters was a challenge for me and Mandy since we needed to pick comforters that had the same color coordination. We eventually found them. After we took our three cart loads to the check-out lanes, the trouble began. The credit card did not allow us to make the purchase, so we had to buy each cart's contents individually. After finally paying, we went outside and loaded up the truck. By the time we left the parking garage, one hour had passed since we had arrived at the check-out lane. When we got home, Mandy and I discovered that our comforters were actually covers for comforter quilts and we didn't have the quilts; to solve the problem we just stuffed our old comforters into the cover quilts. While Mom, Mandy, and I cleaned up the church, we learned that there were more problems with Ikea. Firstly, an important part of Mom and Dad's new queen-size bed was not included in the box, and secondly, there were no slats for my bed or for Mandy's bed. Later that evening, Mom and Dad went back to Ikea and got the needed parts. It was so weird sleeping in a new bed that night. About 3/5 of us Cunninghams had trouble sleeping that first night, but we've grown quite accustomed to our mattresses. My new mattress is hard, but I love it! It's so quiet and doesn't make noise, and it doesn't slope like my old one did. I also love my new bedsheets and my new bed. I would post pictures of the new rooms, but my camera battery is dying and my charger is missing. I'll post them as soon as I can.

Mom had spring break from college last week, and mine is this week. Yesterday and today, I babysat the little Abraham girls. Yesterday, there was a scare when the youngest, little Kiera, bonked her head pretty good while going down the slide. When she started getting a big purple bump on her head, her parents took her to the ER for a CT scan. Thankfully, nothing was wrong and she is still smiling and jabbering as normal. Avalyn wore me out by asking me to dance and bounce with her, and I'm going to sleep well tonight. Over this spring break, I'm planning on working on my research paper for English class and finishing two digital media projects. I forgot if I mentioned this, but I dropped chemistry class because I had an F and was not understanding the material.

The weather's been warming up down here. On Saturday, however, there were snow flurries that lasted on and off all morning. However, there are days when it's 70 degrees though the nights and mornings are still cold. I'm ready for winter to be over and for the plants and green things to come up. It looks so dead and lifeless out here.

Saturday was busy. Mandy and I both had money, and we wanted to go clothes shopping. We went to Kohls, where I bought a cute tank top, a yellow shirt, and a semi-casual dress, and Mandy got a tank top and some pink and black shorts that scream "Mandy" all over them. We also went to Old Navy, where I got a summer nightdress, although Mandy didn't get anything. On our way home, while Mom was in the store, Mandy went to Cato, her favorite clothing store. She got herself two shirts and a cute yellow skirt.

But Saturday was also perplexing. It seems that both of our cars and the house conspired against us at the same time. The van's starter was acting screwy, and Dad's car is not running on all cylinders like it should. While Dad was struggling to fix both cars, he discovered a leaky pipe under the house. We fixed the pipe, and the starter was just loose, which was an easy problem to fix.

Oh, and one last thing. Bethany Abraham finally finished editing Jake and Brittny's wedding pictures. If you want to see me as the short little bridesmaid, here are some pics below.