Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Invasion

Set up a perimeter! March onwards, men! Show no mercy to the enemy!

Yep, we Cunninghams are now waging a battle within our own household. The enemy, the evil cockroaches. We were watching a couple of movies together last night, and we were ambushed three times in about the course of an hour by the enemy. The first was in the dining room, across from where I was sitting with my laptop. The thing was giant and crawling up the wall. Mandy spotted the enemy first, and we sent in the troops (aka Dad) to neutralize the threat. He dealt with it quickly and flushed the enemy down the toilet after squishing him. That threat over, we returned to our normal lives. Less than thirty minutes later, Mandy walked into our bedroom and once more spotted the enemy. We summoned the legendary hero Jeff Cunningham, cockroach hunter for help with that threat (it was hilarious, since Dad did a Steve Irwin accent and everything. It cracked everyone up.). The threat was once more dealt with, and we could breathe again. Bedtime soon came, and I was waiting to use the bathroom when I spotted a third enemy on the doorpost of the girls' bedroom. The witness was terrified and leaped onto the nearby cedar chest for protection, especially when the enemy moved to the carpet. Captain Seth Cunningham showed no fear and did a most foolish thing, picking up the enemy with his bare hands and throwing it into the toilet. The threat seemed over with, but the nightly battle was not over. The witness went to use the bathroom, and when I lifted the toilet lid, I saw two enemy antenna moving around. The witness panicked again and ran to the bed for safety after the enemy exited the toilet and began walking around on the bathroom floor. Captain Seth had clearly not done his duty, which is shameful in this military war. We summoned the troops once more, and the threat was done with. However, it left the witness scarred and unwilling to use the bathroom afterwards. I believe the troops must search for new weapons in this war: those things where roaches come to take supposed food and then die afterwards (I can't think of the name). Those lazy bums aka the cats clearly aren't doing their duty of protecting us from this villains. The cool house (which now has air-conditioning thanks to Mr. Presley) must be attracting the enemy in. Oh, well. Back to war troops! The battle continues......

Monday, June 9, 2008

Things on Our Minds

One major thing on everyone's mind down here is rain or the lack thereof. Our lawn is beginning to look peaked, and Mom's been watering her plants. There has been plenty of rain in the Midwest but none over here. When it doesn't rain that much or if a summer is dry, the humidity is horrendous. Like today, for example. Mandy and I went to the pool with Megan Presley and her kids, and she told us that her husband had told her that the heat index would be about a hundred degrees today. We've yet to discover if this is true, but I'm not particularly looking forward to discovering it. It's bad to have temperatures in the 90's in June, but what will it be like in July and August, the hottest months of the year? I can imagine something pretty horrible. And, with a broken air conditioning, that's not something we're looking forward to. We're scheming to figure out ways how not to be home between three and six PM, when the sun hits the windows of the front room and when the house becomes an oven.

Seth has gone back to work at Radiant and has been doing well there. Mandy has not gotten a job at the hair salon, as Mr. Hudson has other people who are coming to work for him. I applied for a job on Friday but am unlikely to get it because I lack the experience they are looking for. I'll continue to keep looking, or I'll content myself with babysitting, especially ever Bethany Abraham had her third baby last week. Mom starts her summer college classes tonight. She's taking calculus and another computer class. She's happy because she's taking ecology and mycology in the fall and she loves ecology.

Nothing else exciting has happened around here. My ankle is slowly recovering, but it is still swollen and still purple and bruised in some areas. I can walk without the brace on my ankle, but it's sometimes hard to stand up and climb down stairs. On Friday it started hurting after I climbed up on a chair, and it refused to let me put any weight on it, so I was hopping around the house on one leg, feeling like an idiot. It's somewhat recovered, but it still hurts.

That reminds me. Last Friday after my failed job interview, Mom and Dad drove up to Helen, Georgia for a little 20th anniversary trip. They spent the night up there and came back Saturday afternoon. It was my first time spending the night alone at home, but I survived. It didn't get a bit creepy until I went to bed, and I had a hard time falling asleep. On Saturday morning, I went to a literature conference where Elizabeth McCallum, a woman from our church and author of "The Book Tree," a book of good literature for children from preschool age to high school age, gave an excellent speech on what books to avoid and the like. It was helpful, because if I'm going to be an English teacher one day, it'd be helpful to know what to give my students to read, not to mention any books I might buy for my kids in the distant future.

I almost forgot to mention two other concerns of ours. The first is about our cats. Ever since we came back from camping, our loner cat Oatmeal hasn't come home. Mandy and I tried to go find him, but when we found him, he ran away from us and hasn't been seen since. Fuzz hasn't been seen in over a week, and we haven't found him in his usual haunt down the street. Trouble, Pooky, and Claws have shown up maybe once a day, but they don't hang around like they usually do. We think it's because the attic fan scares the cats and also maybe because there's construction work going on at the house behind ours that burned down two years ago (the property has been bought, and a house is currently being built there); whatever the reason, Mom is getting worried, and I think she thinks Oatmeal isn't going to come back. If Fuzz doesn't come home, she's going to start thinking the same about him. The second concern really isn't a concern, but it's worth noting. Due to the heat, the roaches love entering our house and climbing on walls and the like. They terrify Mandy, and I must admit they creep me out too. The other night, we came home and there were five in various places on the porch. *Shudders*

Monday, June 2, 2008


Last Wednesday we Cunninghams drove up to Lake Blue Ridge to go camping with the family until Saturday. Uncle Jason and his family arrived shortly after we did, and we got two camping spots. Uncle Josh and his family and Grandpa Mike arrived in Thursday, and everyone had fun on Friday going to Vogul State Park to swim. It was too cold to go tubing, so we're going to go later in the summer like July or August when it really gets hot down here (like it isn't already).

I don't want to give a long detailed account of the camping trip, but I will mention some of the more memorable moments. On the first night, there was a bullfrog that kept croaking its head off and annoyed Mom. We joked about finding the frog and frying up its legs. On Thursday, our first full day there, we woke up to what we thought was a bear growling across the bay from our peninsula. However, we learned it was a dog when we heard it bark. The dog would not be quiet, as he kept howling all day almost non-stop. Usually when we go camping, we have to deal with some flying pest like mosquitos or yellow jackets. This time it was flies. They were all over us (except at night), but they never bit us. Nonetheless, they were extremely annoying. We joked that there was a corpse buried somewhere nearby, which is why the flies were around, but hey, flies are better than dealing with biting mosquitos or stinging yellow jackets. Look at the link below for some pictures from the trip.

Another thing happened on the trip that was memorable though not in a good way. We were at the Passes' cabin for dinner on Friday night when I took Abigail down to the hot tub to show her a spider that someone had found there. I was about to take her back up the steep hill when I tripped and fell. Thankfully, Abigail wasn't hurt. However, I couldn't move either of my feet for some minutes, and my left ankle was killing me. Dad came down and helped me up to the porch, where I reclined on a chair and put my ankle on a pillow. I was in pain all that night and couldn't sleep, and I was not in the best of moods on Saturday morning when it turned swollen. I felt like a slacker because I didn't help take down the tent or pack up the car, or unpack the car when we got home. When we got home, I put a splint on my ankle, and it helped greatly. I've worn the splint ever since, and it's been helping me walk somewhat normally. At church last night, Mr. Presley pointed out that my heel was turning purple. Today, my foot is indeed purple on the sides, but Dad says it's a good sign that it's healing. But, at least I'm walking, so I'm not too worried about it.

Our summer vacation has officially started, but Dad is reining us in. He's restricting our computer time and our movie-watching time for good reasons, so I won't be posting frequently. That reminds me, I've got to call someone about a possible job opportunity this afternoon. I'm looking for a job this summer so that I can curb boredom (which I didn't do very well last year) until school starts up back in August. Mandy's got a job working for a hair cutter at our church, and I believe she starts tomorrow. Seth may not be working at Radiant this year, but that still remains to be seen. Well, gotta go. I'm still on a computer time, and the banana bread is going to be done soon.