Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well, it's confirmed. I was accepted to Georgia State University for a major in journalism! This is an answer to prayer, as for some time I have been unsure about what path to take with my life and have prayed for God to show me where He wants me to go. I now feel more confident about going down this road of editing.

The details will be worked out, but I just thought I'd share this bit of good news.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Ok, finally, an update, as I promised.

The two big recent events were two birthdays within the family, Mom's last week and Seth's this week.

Mom's birthday did not start off very well. She was up all night in pain from an ingrown toe nail, but the next day, after a few hours of sleep and Dad doing "surgery" on her foot, she was doing much better. We had Zaxby's for dinner and gave her her gifts on Saturday. We kids gave her a gift card and a vegetable dicer (which we ended up returning and getting another one), and today she bought a new springform pan (to make cheesecakes in) and some mojito mix (made with cane sugar, not with high fructose corn syrup... a big plus). Dad gave her a little device that uses electricity to ease pain or something like that, and she's really enjoyed it.

Seth's has passed fairly uneventfully, as the major event for it has yet to occur. On Wednesday, Dad had to stay at work very late (he came home at 2 AM. It was end of the quarter at work, and there was inventory as well, so, hence, an extremely hectic day for both Dad and myself). Mom and Mandy picked me up at Radiant so I wouldn't have to stay home, and we went home for a late dinner. Tonight, we went to Five Guys' (amazing burger place) for dinner. Tomorrow, Seth asked for pizza rolls for his birthday dinner, and he will also get his presents then. I am also working on a birthday slideshow for Seth (we wanted to do one for Mandy but were unable to until we received our lovely photo scanner), but it's proving a bit tricky since some good pictures are in the scrapbooks and we're having trouble figuring out the background music (out of all of us, Seth listens to music the least, so it's hard for us to figure out exactly what he likes outside of a couple of artists). I'll be sure to post the slideshow here when I'm done with it.

And that is what has happened. Spring break for Mom and the kids is next week, and they've got plans during that time. I'm currently on a few day break from work because of inventory, so I sort of consider that my spring break. I didn't post this earlier, but I applied to Georgia State a few weeks ago for a major in journalism (I want to become an editor because I believe that there is a severe lack of good ones); I've yet to receive word, but I think I'll receive word on it soon. I'm also currently looking for driving schools (the one I wanted to go to did not give out its current phone number, so I'm going to have to look elsewhere) in the hopes of being able to drive to college myself. But, we'll just have to see.