Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mandy's New Toy

Last night, Mandy received her last birthday present: a new camera. A real nice one too. It's a fancy Canon, and it looks more like one a professional would use. Mandy absolutely loves it. She's been snapping away with it, and she especially enjoyed taking pictures of the newest clan member Nathan this evening. Yes, we saw Nathan today when we went over to Uncle Josh's house. He is so little, but he is so alert and so adorable! Aunt Sarah is doing better, and she's moving around, albeit slowly.

Well, gotta get cleaning. We're having company over after church tomorrow.

And two more days until Celtic Woman! I think Sarah and I are going to burst from such excitement.

Friday, February 12, 2010


It's snowing! Yes, it's Georgia. And, yes, this is not flurries but the real thing. It's absolutely gorgeous outside, a real winter wonderland. Mandy and I took plenty of pictures, though she took more. It is really beautiful outside. Sadly, it won't last long. The snow will probably stop sometime tonight, and tomorrow will be warmer and sunny. Still, it's pretty while it lasts.

Oh, and a brief update. Little Nathan went home from the hospital on Wednesday night and is doing well as far as we know. Aunt Sarah is also feeling better, but continue to pray for her recovery.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Celtic Woman Surprise!

Well, I am close to bouncing off the walls. Less than an hour ago, I received a lovely surprise: Sarah H. and myself will be seeing Celtic Woman on February 15th in Atlanta!

Long story short: Sarah's dad got two tickets that he didn't want, so he worked out plans with Dad so Sarah and I could go. We only learned today about this, and both of us are ecstatic. We tried making plans to go back in December, but they fell apart for various reasons. So now we've got free tickets and a show in nine days! And a big plus is that we'll be much closer to the stage, so no need for an ISU or binoculars. Yeah, I'm ecstatic! The plans have been set, and we only have about a week until the show. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to continue dancing around the house and grinning from ear to ear.

P.S. Mandy turned sixteen today! We're going out for dinner tonight (not sure where), and Bethany G. spent the night last night. Seth and I gave her a premium upgrade on her picnik account, which she loves, and her big gift from Mom and Dad has yet to come. She's also looking forward to learning French with another one of her gifts

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Ok, work is keeping me busy, so sorry for no updates.

Aunt Sarah was allowed to go home yesterday, but things are a bit stressful there with Rivers being sick on and off all week and plus still Aunt Sarah's recovery. Nathan is doing well, and he may be allowed to go home soon (hopefully). Continue to keep them in your prayers.

Also keep Grandma Gail in your prayers as she recovers from a recent surgery.