Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's Up?

Well, we've been rather busy around here for the past few weeks.

The biggest event took place over most of last week. Our sister church Chalcedon had a modular that was for seminary students, but it was open to the general public for free. Mom, Mandy, and I went to a good majority of the lectures, as Dad and Seth had work or did not want to make the trek to Cumming because they had work the next day. It started with two lectures on Monday evening, and then between Tuesday and Thursday there were eight lectures a day (with breaks for lunch and dinner), and then Friday ended with two lectures. The series was well-done, and I learned quite a bit about church history and theology, including heresies that I had not known much about or about church fathers that I had never heard of before. We also had the opportunity to meet people from other churches in the denomination. I think I'm finally beginning to put faces to people, namely those from Chalcedon. It was a very fun and enjoyable week, but it was also tiring, given the hour-long lectures, waking up early, and then getting home late. However, I believe we've fully recovered and are now back on our normal schedule.

Then we've had a few other minor things come up. Two Fridays ago, I went back to the coffee shop with my friends to sing karaoke. We had a good time, and one of us suggested that we start making it a monthly occasion to socialize. And also, Mandy's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and so there have been plans for her celebration; her best friend Bethany is planning a party (Mandy knows the invitation list and the location, but otherwise Bethany is keeping her in the dark about everything else), and then we're planning on having a dear family from our church join us for dinner on Mandy's birthday. Mandy is also working to help arrange a formal dance at church in March, which we're looking forward to.

I think that's all that's been going on around here. I'll try to update when something comes up.