Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Newest Cunningham

On Monday, another little Cunningham joined our ranks, bringing the total list of Cunningham grandkids to fourteen. This afternoon, Mom, Mandy, and myself visited Aunt Sarah and Uncle Josh in the hospital. The baby's doing well, but Aunt Sarah's rather tired. We are very thankful that the birth and recovery are not as bad as they were when Nathan was born almost two years ago, and hearing the birth story was a testimony of God's goodness in protecting both mother and child. The new baby is downright precious and sweet, and she looks just like a Cunningham. Lord willing, the three should be going home tomorrow.

Mandy has been helping out at Uncle Josh's house. She spent the night there last night and helped Noah and Sunny manage the little kids, and it sounds like she had a good time. Except for Noah hacking her e-mail twice (and IM'ing me once, but I knew it was not my sister talking to me), but that's typical of him.

Friday, November 11, 2011

We Can Dance

Tonight, our church held another informal dance in Braselton. This marks the third informal dance we have done in a year, our first one being held last October.

For a week, I kept a close eye on the weather. No rain was in the forecast, but the temperature was a different story. For over a week, the projected low temp was in the low 30's. So, we all made sure to bundle up in layers that we could easily take off when we grew warmer.

First, we all had potluck supper of chili, soup, and hot dogs. Not to mention a dessert table and another table for hot drinks like coffee and hot chocolate. After eating and some fellowship, then it was time to dance. First up, it was a new one called (I believe) "Black Nag." Then there were the polka, Pattycake Polka, two different versions of the Virginia Reel, some swing dancing, Salty Dog Rag, and Postie's Jig. This time, I did not get much video of the evening because people disliked the camera and because the lighting and angles weren't great. Also, I was out on the dance floor pretty frequently anyway, so I would not have gotten much anyway.

We left around 10:30 or so because it was cold and because some of us have to be up in the morning. It was a bit early, but it was still an amazing evening. I'm already looking forward to the next church dance.