Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stormy Spring

I do not think I can recall such a tumultuous spring in regards to the weather. Generally, this is the time of year for thunderstorms, loads of rain, and lightning and thunder, but I don't remember it ever being this bad. A few weeks back, we had thunderstorms for three nights in a row, and we've had several other ones ever since then. We got a brief rain shower yesterday, which was nice, but I think we could use some more rain because it's been getting dry and hot. It's sobering to look at other areas of the south like Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina that are absolutely getting pummeled with huge storms.

In the midst of stormy weather, life has continued on. I've got this week and three days of classes next week before I have finals, and I am so looking forward to being done with this semester. I put in an application at the vet down the street for a kennel job, but when I called last they said they were still looking through applications. I do need a summer job this year, and I'm praying I find a good one because I've heard that Radiant may not be hiring temps for the summer.

Well, I've got to get back to work on this Scots-Irish research paper for my history class.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


In late March, we celebrated two birthdays: Mom's and Seth's.

Mom's celebration began on Thursday, the day before her birthday. Mandy and I worked together and planned that our present to her would be taking her out to lunch and then paying for her to get her hair cut; however, because of our schedules, the two events could not take place on the same day. So, on Thursday, after Mom and Mandy came back from cello, we told Mom that we were taking her out to lunch at Zaxby's, and she was surprised. We went out and had a good time there enjoying that delicious chicken, fries, and Texas toast. The next day, Dad took Mom out for dinner; they went to a restaurant in downtown Lawrenceville and had a good time together. Then, the next Thursday, we girls took Mom to the Nova hair salon in the morning. The lady Milly, who cut my hair a month ago, did a good job, though she did cut Mom's hair shorter than she wanted. Still, Mom was very happy about not having to sit on her hair or getting tangled up in it all the time. Dad did buy Mom a present, but it was one most people wouldn't expect though she asked for it. And Seth, being the slacker he is, hasn't bought Mom's yet... much to me and Mandy's chagrin.

Seth's was also pretty simple this year. Mandy, being the social organizer that she is, actually planned him a small party for several of his friends (though only boys were invited, which kept things simple). The boys came over for dinner, played some poker, and then watched two movies. I took a few pictures of the event, but none of them were particularly memorable. We bought Seth some clothes for his birthday, though his "big gift" is yet to come.

Seth actually did get something of a birthday present though not from us. The week of his birthday, Radiant Systems hired him on as a full-time worker, which means he's no longer a temp and can get his own insurance, benefits, and vacation time. This week was his first week as being full-time. He's still working in Peripherals, but he'll also soon be helping the guys out in Staging, where he'll upload software onto the Point of Sales and such. It's a big step for Seth, and we're very proud of him for moving up. Actually, the week before his birthday, Peripherals threw him a surprise party complete with presents and cake, including a helium balloon that sings "Happy Birthday" when touched.