Monday, April 28, 2008


Sorry for not being more diligent with posting. It's been busy around here lately with college winding down for the summer and other events. I hope to post more regularly over the summer.
For me, this is my last week of the 2008 spring semester. I turned in my English research paper a few weeks ago, which meant I am done with English. Digital media's last real class was on Friday, and yesterday was a brief review for the final on Wednesday. Geography is over too, and my final is open-book on Friday. I've already given thought to what I'm going to take in the Fall, and for now I'm taking the following: English 3 (which is actually literature this time), Spanish 2, Music, Physical Science, Physical Science Lab, and American History 1. Last week, I received an email saying that I had made the Presidents' List for Fall 2007; this basically means that I had a 4.0 during the Fall. I attended a boring and un-inspirational breakfast with other fellow schoolmates on the list yesterday morning.

Friday was fun for us girls and our daddy. The Baileys up in Winder hosted the second Father-Daughter campout. We drove up there and had fun camping out with our friends. It was nice weather, and I walked barefoot the entire time (which I now regret because I have bites all over my arms and legs). The next morning, we enjoyed pancakes for breakfast and some of the girls returned to the Baileys' large backyard pool. On our way home, we stopped by Grandma Linda's house to say hello.

The weather has been fickle for us. It seemed to be warming up, even into the 80's during the day and the 60's at night, but Sunday, Monday, and today have been cooler than usual. We've been getting lots of rain with thunderstorms on Fridays and Saturdays (which seems to be happening every single week, no kidding). Our grass is looking gorgeous, tall, and green, and the flowers have bloomed everywhere. Our trees have lost their flowers, sadly, as they never last long. Mom's begun planting her spring backyard deck plants, and Dad has moved his hops plants to the side of the house. Dad's been using controlled fires to burn out the weeds and poison ivy in the backyard, and he's also been slowly working on putting up a tall, wooden fence in the backyard to replace the metal one that was placed upside down by whoever put it there. It is nice to have warmer weather, and I've been sitting outside to get a tan, which hasn't happened yet.

School is winding down for Mom and the siblings too. Mom has her final on Thursday, and she's already finished her biology lab final. Seth and Mandy have a few weeks left of school. Seth might be returning to work at Radiant this summer, and Mandy's going to get a part-time job working at a hair salon run by one of the men at our church. I'm looking for a job as well, something close to home that doesn't involve working at fast food or a gas station.

And now to talk about the cats. Pooky, the big fat gray girly idiot of a cat, has become a big bully around here. He loves instigating fights with Claws and Oatmeal especially. He doesn't suck on necks as much as he used to, but he still kneads and sucks on us. He's no longer the sweet, poor cat; I'm so ready to get rid of him. Oatmeal has undergone a huge change in personality ever since Mom has forcibly kept him in the house since he had a tendency to wander. He used to be so quiet and didn't really have a personality. However, ever since he's been in the house, he's changed a lot. For one thing, he has become so playful. There is a small brown rope from one of Mandy's hoodies that he loves chasing around like he's a kitten. He's also become more loveable and loves rubbing on us. When he purrs loudly, he sometimes grunts, which we take as a sign he is very happy.

Well, I've gotta dash. I got a final tomorrow to study for. I'll try to post again soon!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bobby's Bad Day

I had a digital media project due on Friday, and the project was to make a 3 minute movie. I didn't know what I was going to do until Mom said that since some of the boys were coming over to learn how to brew beer that I should just film a movie with them. Cliff was gracious enough to write the screenplay and the story, so I had no clue what we were filming until fifteen minutes before we even started.

Instead of filming the whole thing at once, and following my friend Blair's method, I filmed several little pieces and then made a whole. It was funny. However, things changed quickly when the local neighborhood punks ranging between ages seven and ten showed up and started asking stupid questions and bothered us. Cliff got one wet with a water balloon, and the kid didn't seem to care. However, later, his father approached us and sternly told us not to touch his son even though we hadn't.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Busy times

Sorry for not posting for a few weeks, but it's been pretty busy around here. I've been working on an English paper (which I've finally finished) for two weeks, and I've got two digital media projects to turn in next week. Typical end-of-the-school-year stuff.

It seems spring is finally here! The weather has been warmer, and it's certainly been raining. Two of the trees in the front yard bloomed beautifully, but they've lost their flowers. The cloud-9 dogwood has white flowers, and it's beautiful. The lawn is nice and green, and it's not as sparse as it has been.

Seth celebrated his 16th birthday last week. We bought him a frisbee and a croquet set, just like he asked, and he's partially paying for a new computer for himself since he wants a faster one so he can play games on it. On Monday night, Mom made Focacia sandwiches and went off to her college class. We were expecting Dad to be home to celebrate Seth's birthday with us, but he was forced to stay at work until 2 AM, which has never happened before. We were bummed that he didn't get home until late, but we made up for it the next day. On Tuesday morning, Mom made apple and cheese muffins (which were excellent) and bacon, and we all sat around the table for breakfast. Then, later that night, we went to Five Guys for dinner, as that was Seth's dinner choice.

Last week was spring break for Mom, Seth, and Mandy. They definately been enjoyed their time off. Mon was busy, but none of it had to do with school. She was sick earlier that week, but at least it was that week and not during a school week. On Wednesday, Mandy suggested that we do something fun over spring break besides stay at home and do nothing. So, last Friday they planned to go on a picnic at the park with the Greers, but it was too cold and misty to go, so they didn't.

Last Tuesday was a big day for Mandy. After breakfast with Dad, Mom took her to the orthodontist, and she got braces on her top teeth. Mandy was excited about it, but now it's far from glamorous. Her teeth hurt her all week, and a wire was sticking out and poking her cheek. It's been hard for her to eat. It was humorous on Tuesday night at Five Guys. Mandy was slowly chewing her food in a manner much like that of a cow. It was funny to watch her. Because the wire was poking her cheek bad, she went to the orthodontist on Thursday to get it cut. The woman merely pulled the wire, and now I believe it's poking Mandy's other cheek. She's bummed out she can't eat certain things, and I feel her pain, although I don't remember them being that strict with me about forbidden foods.