Saturday, November 16, 2013

Winter Approacheth...

Cold weather has finally hit us. We had our first major frosts this week (which has been a relief because I think it killed off whatever has been bothering my sinuses for the past month), and now we're pulling out our coats, jeans, long-sleeves, and warmer blankets. And it looks dreary outside. The bad thing about winter in Georgia is that just about every green thing is dead, so everything is brown in color. Hopefully we'll get some snow this winter and brighten things up a bit (as long as it doesn't shut down the state for a week).

October and November have been very busy. You would think that things would quiet down after the wedding, but no, they haven't. Dad and Seth still have work. Dad and Mom are still teaching the Geneva kids one day a week while I am still functioning as a supervisor for the younger group. And I am also still in school. It's so hard to believe that the semester is more than halfway over and that I only have a month left; I have really enjoyed this history class. I am pleased to say, however, that I will be returning to GGC for three classes next semester; between my own funds and HOPE, I can pay for it out of pocket without resorting to student loans. So far, I am planning to take World History Part 2, an upper-level class on Medieval thought and life (I've lately been fascinated by the Medieval time period), and religion (though I would like to switch out religion with another high-level history class that is being taught by my current professor. Hopefully an opening appears so I can switch).

By now, we've adjusted to Mandy being out of the house. Slowly but surely, we are moving her stuff out of my room, and I am re-organizing it. We still Mandy a few times a week. Because of Ben's teaching schedule, on those days she tends to come down and hang out with me and Mom; sometimes we just hang out and do things like help write her thank you cards for her wedding gifts, or sometimes we go grocery shopping. Mandy and Mom have taken up knitting lessons from a lady at church, and so on those nights Ben and Mandy join us for dinner and then Dad and Ben will hang out and talk while the ladies learn how to knit.

The rest of November will continue to be busy for us. Last night, I organized a bunch of people to go see "Thor 2" (and we want to take Dad to see it soon), and today a few of us went to go see our cousins' Christmas ballet performance. Next week, the church is having its annual Thanksgiving dinner, and then the week after that is Thanksgiving proper, which will be celebrated by the extended clan (including Ben, Mandy, and I think Ben's mom). Dad is brewing his annual Christmas beer, and soon Mom will be baking Christmas cookies. Goodness... is Christmas only next month? My, how this year has flown by!

Oh, and keep an eye on Mandy's facebook page. A little something will likely be posted by the end of the month, so look out for it :)